Why I Love football

So now you guys must know what football is, why its popular, how to play it and its history. So now let me tell you why I love football. Firstly, I was introduced to football at a young age and at that time I did not love football as much as I love it now as I did not realize its beauty and i wasn’t very good at it. So I used to think that its just a stupid game but as I grew older i realized its way more than just a game I started to understand the beauty of football. Though I regret not having taken it seriously since I started playing it but I feel that you are never to late (or old) to start playing football as its a game that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, height, gender and skill. I also feel that it doesn’t matter what people say about you when you play football they may pass comments that you are bad in football but if you always play the best you can than you cannot be bad at football. As it does not matter if you score a hundred goals in a match as long as you have not given your 100% in football you are playing bad. The game of football is never about winning its about understanding the game and its beauty as even if your team loses one match there is always a next time and you will feel contented as long as you have tried your best and you wouldn’t feel contented if you did not try your best but your team still won. When I play football I always try to give my best though its not possible to do it all the time, when I give my best I feel contented with myself and even when my team loses I do not feel guilty that I did not play my part and when my team wins and I have tried my best regardless of whether I scored a goal or not I  just feel happy that I deserve to be part of the celebrations. And when I have scored a goal and my team wins I feel very happy even if the goal is not the winning goal. When I played my first tournament of football in my life I was scared out of my wits but still i did not back off I played the best I though we lost that match because of me, my coach did not scold me and neither did my team as they knew that I had tried my best but they gave me tips on how i could have done better in the game. Though now i have played many tournaments I still think back and recall my first tournament. It has been about 3 years since I started football and now I am considered to be quite good in football in my current school though I know there are many things I can improve in.

Me(right) getting past an opponent team member.
Me(right) getting past an opponent team member.

About Soccer

Me(Left) when i went to play a tournament.
Me(Left) when i went to play a tournament at our lodgings.
Me(left) with my team Captain(right)
Me(left) with my team Captain(right) at the stadium.

Now most of you must have heard about soccer in your life.  It is a game played between two teams and a ball. Soccer’s other name “the beautiful game” wasn’t just thrown into soccer but was well deserved. People play and watch it all over the world. For many children, it is the first sport they are introduced to because it is so easy to learn and play. Soccer is one of the only sports that can be enjoyed by anyone from females to males, no matter what age, and if you are not in the physical state to play it, it is almost equally enjoyable to watch. Soccer inspires such a passion around the world in different ways. Every country is passionate about their team, and wants their team to win. Specific countries have more of a passion for soccer because it is their national sport and they want people to recognize how passionate they are for their country’s sport. Other countries are very passionate about soccer because it evolved from their country or has been played there for thousands of years. Soccer is not only a popular sport for kids to play but is quite enjoyable and rewarding for adults too. Soccer is a team sport which makes it more popular. There are a lot of people playing in a soccer game at the same time, for example, on a soccer team, you are a lot more likely to play then if you were on a tennis team, where maximum four people can play at the same time, on the same court. Team sports tend to be more popular because they are more fun. Being on a team, you develop friendships, there is less pressure, there are more people supporting you, and you work together, so if you mess up, there are people behind you ready to pick up the slack. It is a good workout and uses many different types of muscles. Soccer is also a safe sport to play. It isn’t a contact sport which makes it more appealing to people. It is easy to make a small soccer league in a neighbourhood park so it is a good opportunity to have fun and play official soccer games without being expensive or having risk of injuries. Soccer isn’t one of those sports that you have to learn from a young age or you will never be able to play. You can pick it up at any age as long as you are active, eager and can run. Soccer is a very fluent and easy game to follow, you don’t have to worry about points, like in American football where a touchdown is worth 7 points. It is a simple one point per goal game. As opposed to ice hockey where you need an ice rink soccer can be in your backyard or on the street. One of the reasons that soccer is so popular is that it’s very accessible. It isn’t very expensive or hard to get a soccer ball which is really all you need.It is bigger than American football, baseball, and basketball combined. Soccer is so popular because it has been around for a long time. It evolved from different countries and was spread around fairly quickly. To understand the incredible popularity of the game it is important to understand its roots.The start of the game that later became soccer began around 3000 years ago. The origins of soccer have been traced back to Japan in 1004 B.C. where they started kicking a ball around on a field. They used a leather ball, filled with hair and in 611 A.D, it is certain that a legitimate soccer game was played in Kyoto, Japan. The Romans also played a game that soccer could have evolved from. Although it was a lot more violent, it included a ball that was kicked. After a fifty minute game most players were hospitalized, so the game has definitely changed from then. The sport of soccer spread from Asia to Europe eventually and then continued to spread internationally. England was the first country to record the rules to soccer in 1815. From then, the Cambridge rules were made which are now the standard rules. The people that created soccer never would have thought that passing around a ball would later become “the beautiful game” and a sport that people all around the world have such passion for. The reasons that soccer is called “The beautiful game” are endless. Soccer consists of many beautiful people that play the game professionally. It is played in many beautiful countries. It is actually a beautiful set up of the game; you play on green grass and outside for the most part, in the fresh air. “The beautiful game” as a synonym for soccer was first said by Didi, a Brazilian soccer star. Pele, another of soccer’s greatest superstars named his autobiography, My Life and the beautiful game. He quoted, “I dedicate this book to all those who make the game beautiful”. Clearly, soccer has adopted the term The Beautiful Game, which is an amazing thing for a sport that started out with a few kids kicking a ball around. Soccer has a huge impact on so many people around the world. The rules are simple, the players are legendary, the game is exhilarating, the passion is undeniably insane and the fans are crazy. Everyone loves soccer for a different reason but soccer definitely deserves to be considered “The Beautiful Game”.