Why I Love football

So now you guys must know what football is, why its popular, how to play it and its history. So now let me tell you why I love football. Firstly, I was introduced to football at a young age and at that time I did not love football as much as I love it now as I did not realize its beauty and i wasn’t very good at it. So I used to think that its just a stupid game but as I grew older i realized its way more than just a game I started to understand the beauty of football. Though I regret not having taken it seriously since I started playing it but I feel that you are never to late (or old) to start playing football as its a game that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, height, gender and skill. I also feel that it doesn’t matter what people say about you when you play football they may pass comments that you are bad in football but if you always play the best you can than you cannot be bad at football. As it does not matter if you score a hundred goals in a match as long as you have not given your 100% in football you are playing bad. The game of football is never about winning its about understanding the game and its beauty as even if your team loses one match there is always a next time and you will feel contented as long as you have tried your best and you wouldn’t feel contented if you did not try your best but your team still won. When I play football I always try to give my best though its not possible to do it all the time, when I give my best I feel contented with myself and even when my team loses I do not feel guilty that I did not play my part and when my team wins and I have tried my best regardless of whether I scored a goal or not I  just feel happy that I deserve to be part of the celebrations. And when I have scored a goal and my team wins I feel very happy even if the goal is not the winning goal. When I played my first tournament of football in my life I was scared out of my wits but still i did not back off I played the best I though we lost that match because of me, my coach did not scold me and neither did my team as they knew that I had tried my best but they gave me tips on how i could have done better in the game. Though now i have played many tournaments I still think back and recall my first tournament. It has been about 3 years since I started football and now I am considered to be quite good in football in my current school though I know there are many things I can improve in.

Me(right) getting past an opponent team member.
Me(right) getting past an opponent team member.

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